Blog Community Guidelines

We moderate all comments left on this site. While we welcome your comments on our posts, we ask that visitors to our site familiarise themselves with our blog community rules:

• Comments should be relevant to the topic

• If you disagree with other opinions, do so respectfully

• We reserve the right to address factual errors

• We’ll reply to comments at our discretion

• Comments that are promotional or with the intention to sell a product or service will not be posted

• Comments or links to information that is abusive, offensive, illegal, profane, or defamatory towards a person, entity, belief, or symbol will not be posted

• Comments that mention specifics of a person’s insurance policy, or other sensitive information that may impinge of people’s privacy will not be posted

This site won’t be monitored over weekends or public holidays. We will endeavour to moderate and publish appropriate comments within 24 hours.

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