Profile: Matthew Botur

53B4CFF9-98C5-4C52-B452-135DB326F759Last week ANZIIF announced the finalists for this year’s awards and one of them is Matthew Botur, Team Lead – Analytics, Data, Business Improvement and Analytics at IAG. Matthew is a finalist in the Young Insurance Professional of the Year category and we couldn’t be prouder. We chat to him about his role in IAG, his ANZIFF scholarship, and his surprising love for a particular 90s series.

Hey Matthew! Can you tell us what your job involves and what you love about it?

I experienced the Christchurch events first-hand and it made me want to get involved in the insurance industry, so I could put my skill-set to better use. My team deal with highly complex issues that deserve informed decision-making. That’s where my role comes in: analytics is all about connecting people with the information they need to make better decisions. I love being able to help others by seeing raw data transformed into meaningful information, that enables better outcomes.

How did winning the ANZIIF scholarship improve your career and why should people enter?

It was great being able to get time with our senior leaders through the application process. Before applying I had to get endorsement of my essay by Craig Olsen, CEO and then through that meeting I got to talk to Melissa Cantell, COO about outsourcing, which was my essay topic, and career development.

There’s a lot that people can do to stand out and entering the ANZIIF scholarship and writing the essay is a great way to do this. It’s an opportunity to stand up and be noticed. For me, that’s meant that in just under a year I’ve moved from a senior pricing analyst role to leading my own team. Clearly there’s plenty of further hard work and proving of myself involved, but I really think entering the competition was the initiator for many subsequent events – for example my nomination for the ANZIIF awards.

What was the coolest thing that happened to you while you were in New York enjoying your ANZIIF scholarship prize (attendance at the three-day Data Disrupt conference, hosted at Columbia University)?

 Although being offered a job from a fellow attendee was flattering, the whole thing was amazing. It started with a ‘resilience test’ where the plane I was booked on was struck by lightning, leaving me stranded in New Zealand for an extra day, the result being that I arrived at 2am on day one of the conference. A highlight for me was touring the USS Endeavour, an aircraft carrier-turned-museum where you can go aboard America’s first nuclear-capable submarine and see the space shuttle Enterprise.

What’s one thing about you that people wouldn’t know?

I’m such a huge fan of sci-fi and horror that my son’s middle name, Fox, is a reference to the 90s TV series The X-Files.

The 2018 ANZIIF Awards will be held on November 29. Check out all the finalists here (

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