My Travel Initiative



Travelling to and from work is an essential part of our everyday lives, so we’ve partnered up with local councils to host ‘My Travel’ – travel and flexible working expos across our Auckland and Christchurch sites. We are committed to finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint so at these expos we’ve showcased options like FlexiSpace, MyFlex, and sustainable transport options.

One of the easiest ways we can help reduce our carbon footprint is by looking at our travelling options, particularly if we’re driving daily. These expos were designed to encourage our people to think about flexible ways of working as well as helping them plan alternative and more sustainable ways to travel to our sites.

The feedback from the expo has been incredible, and we’re already seeing some great changes from it. We’ve been hearing stories from people who have started using public transport for the first time after being inspired to give it a go at the expo. Cath from our Christchurch office said “since the expo, I’ve started catching the bus home from work each day, and using the app to make sure I don’t end up waiting at the bus stop for ages – I find it’s a great way to take time out for yourself between work and home and also to catch up on plenty of Netflix on your phone!”


We know that one of the largest barriers to people adopting more sustainable modes of transport is the fear of not having a vehicle to get home, or to children/family members in the event of a personal emergency. We[ve got a Guaranteed Ride Home Programme that ensures that if you adopt one of the many sustainable travel options to our sites (e.g. ridesharing, cycling, walking or catching public transport), you’ll be eligible for a fully-funded taxi or Uber to get to your destination quickly in the event of a personal emergency.

Our organisational purpose is to ‘Make Your World a Safer Place’ – including promoting sustainability. The MyTravel initiative and Expos have been a great way for us to stay true to its purpose and encourage our People to make environmentally responsible travel choices.

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