Pride At IAG: Amanda


The celebrations continue as we bring you stories straight from our people about what the Rainbow Tick means to them. Today, we hear from Amanda, General Manager for Sales and Service, who is the project sponsor for the Rainbow Tick journey.

Amanda began her IAG career in a State branch in 2004. She started as a Personal Insurance Consultant (PIC) and went on to take up opportunities in the Underwriting and Risk teams. Now, Amanda leads 330 people in the Consumer Sales and Service team across Aotearoa and Manila.

In the summer of 2017, Amanda married her now-wife Anna in Te Horo, just outside of Wellington, surrounded by family and friends. Since she began working for IAG, Amanda says she has felt the full support from her colleagues and teams to bring her whole self to work.

Amanda feels like “we are in a really positive space for members of the rainbow community at IAG saying “it was great to take part in this year’s Pride Parade and now to achieve the Rainbow Tick is just awesome.”

On Rainbow Tick, Amanda says: “The Rainbow Tick initiative speaks directly to our purpose of making the world a safer place. It says that IAG is a place where the Rainbow community can feel safe, be who they are, and feel included while striving to be the best version of themselves.

Amanda also says, “It’s great for IAG to be recognised, it’ll really help with recruitment in the future, for both the Rainbow community, allies and people in general as it shows we support inclusion, diversity and belonging of all people.”

If all this positively affects just one person and they feel safe to bring their whole self to work then that’s a success.”

“Trust in the business,” Amanda says. My view is that if you come in and do a good job for our business and our customers and you go about the job in the right way then nothing else matters. “I’ve always trusted that IAG would do right by me and I’ve never been let down.

Congratulations to everyone at IAG for achieving the Rainbow Tick, it’s a team effort!”

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