Flexible Time: Sarah’s Story

We sometimes forget that at the end of the day, what our children really want from us is to simply be present with them when it truly counts – this is why flexible working arrangements are such an integral part of how we operate at IAG.

Such is the case for one of our claims consultants, Sarah Davidson. For the first time since her son Loughnan started school, Sarah was able to take him to his first day of school. “When Loughan asked me if I was going to come in with him this morning, I said ‘of course’ and his face lit up like a Christmas Tree.”

“I cannot tell you really how much that means to me as someone who has literally worked 99.9% of Loughan’s life for this company.” This year, Sarah was able to go into his school, meet his new teacher and some of his friends, and help him settle into his new classroom. All this without having to take the day off or stress about getting to work on time because of the flexible option of working from home.


“I have had to miss a lot of his school highlights and milestones and leave him in other people’s care when natural disasters have struck –  for the first time, I have felt like IAG has made it possible for me to enjoy a small moment with him, that if I had missed, I would never be able to get back. Whatever else happens in my time at this company, working from home is an opportunity that has gone a long way to building up this company in my mind again.”


Flexible working arrangements at IAG means that we can be there for the moments – the big milestones and the little ones in between. Like the first day of the school year.

We’ve got more flexible time stories to share as part of our new series on the blog so watch this space for next of our flexi stories!

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