Profile | Amelia and The Floating Foundation


Our purpose here at IAG is to make your world a safer place and we thought it was about time we turn the spotlight on our staff who are living our purpose not just at work but in their own time too.

For our first staff profile we thought it was timely to feature Amelia from our Digital Engagement Team who recently just got back from spending a month in Tonga volunteering with The Floating Foundation.


Hi Amelia! Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do at IAG?

I’m a Digital Engagement Specialist – so I help look after the social media and web content across most of IAG’s brands. The one I look after entirely is NAC, which is awesome as I love cars. The NAC team is amazing and our customers are heaps of fun. I’ve lived in Auckland for almost three years, but I grew up in Taranaki.



You recently volunteered with the floating foundation, what made you decided to do that and what was that experience like? 

Honestly, this trip changed my life. I was lucky to be able to take a whole month off to dedicate to the Floating Foundation as a medical volunteer. I love boats as well, so living on a sailing ketch was a great plus! Since I was there for a month, I got to do two lots of village trainings – we visit the remote islands of Vava’u, Tonga, and train people interested in becoming medics for their villages. At the end of the training, we gift them massive medical kits. This enables them to better look after medical events that happen in the villages, as often it can be difficult (due to boat availability or weather) to get to the hospital on the main island. Being able to both dedicate time to charity and help make a difference in people’s lives is something that I’m so grateful for. Even my Mum did an amazing job of getting involved – she organised discos at Inglewood Primary School where she’s the Associate Principal.  Students, teachers and parents donated school supplies that we gave to the kids of Matamaka island.


What was the highlight of your trip and where to next?

I couldn’t tell you one highlight, unless I can say the whole trip! When we weren’t working, we were able to swim, dive, snorkel and sail. I met amazing people, learned so much about the Tongan language and culture, and made lifelong friends. As for the future… I’m definitely going back next year.

Learn more about The Floating Foundation here.

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