Why everyone needs insurance, even you

In a nutshell, buying insurance is about managing risk.

Most frequently used as a means of managing financial uncertainty, insurance exists to provide peace of mind should anything happen to you, your loved ones, your investments or your business.

Yet despite the obvious benefit of having access to funds in the event of accidental damage, figures provided by global information and measurement firm Nielsen in its latest Consumer & Media Insights survey found more than a quarter (27.2 percent) of New Zealanders choose hold no general insurance at all.

Why everyone needs insurance

Glass breakage is common around the home – especially with a summer of backyard cricket underway.

While it is tempting to think “it would never happen to me”, ask yourself what would be the cost financially – not to mention emotionally – should the worst happen and you lost everything through no fault of your own?

AMI Retail Network head Wayne Tippet says while no amount of insurance will remove the stress of having the event occur in the first place, it will ensure peace of mind knowing that you are unlikely to be left out of pocket.

He says the first thing people should do when considering seeking cover is to talk to their chosen provider about their lifestyle and how it can be protected – no matter what stage of life they’re at – whether young or young at heart, home-owner or renter, employed or looking for work.

While most insurance providers attempt to provide the most comprehensive cover they can, it is always worth reading the small print to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

To help mitigate some of the issues faced by its policyholders in the event of obvious disasters such as fire, flood or theft or smaller everyday disasters such as accidental breakage, AMI policies offer a number of unique features not offered by some of its competitors.

“We recognise that glass breakage is pretty common, especially with summer here and backyard cricket starting up – that’s why our policies give you the option to remove the excess for glass breakage,” says Tippet.

AMI policies can also include something as simple as cover for Christmas presents stolen while kept in the home, while legal liability under standard contents cover with AMI means you may even be covered for accidental damage to someone else’s property, he says.

AMI also offers more flexibility when it comes to car insurance.

“Most insurers only cover rental cars if you’re left without your own car while our policies include substitute transport costs including any combination of rental car, taxis and public transport – there’s even the option of additional cover for medical expenses.”

To help make the process even easier AMI also boasts its own smartphone and tablet app – AMI Assist – that as well as simplifying the claims process and detailing the fine print, also has special offers on everything from carwashes to WOFs.

To find out more about arranging cover and ensuring your own peace of mind this summer, you can call AMI on 0800 100 200, visit www.ami.co.nz or pop into one of their 67 branches nationwide.

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