Risky business in rural Canterbury

Mother Nature has been busy this spring and summer, and seems to have singled out the Canterbury region for special attention. The recent recurring thunderstorms and hail, while visually spectacular, have caused considerable damage to some homes, cars and crops.  The cluster of weather-related events continued yesterday with more thunderstorms and rain.

Being confronted with unexpected damage to homes and livelihoods can be distressing for individuals and for communities.  Often those affected are unsure about the first steps they need to take to begin the recovery process.  Help is at hand. Remember those insurance premiums you’ve being paying for years just in case?  Now is the time you can benefit from your foresight. If you’re a customer of one of IAG’s brands we encourage you to get any personal, lifestyle, or rural claims to us a soon as possible.

For crop farmers, yesterday’s storm had a ring of familiarity to it as some are still dealing with the fallout of damage to their farm equipment from the September storm in the region. Since then we’ve been working hard to assist both crop and dairy farmers get their equipment replaced.

We’ve also been particularly pleased to be able to assist farmers with business interruption claims following the loss of their irrigation equipment. Ross MacKenzie, NZI’s Christchurch branch manager, says “It’s frustrating – and disappointing – that some farmers are not aware of how easy it is to protect themselves with business interruption cover.

“Property such as dairy sheds, irrigators, bridges, and large glasshouses are all items that farmers can’t do without, so buying protection is crucial.  Just like small businesses, farmers can’t afford to lose their profits while their property is rebuilt.  Business interruption insurance helps in those circumstances. We encourage anyone in that situation to call their insurance broker to discuss the options that can be tailored to meet their needs.”

The types of rural insurance available from NZI can be viewed here: http://www.nzi.co.nz/business/pages/rural-insurance.aspx

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